Unit 215South Alabama Bridge Assn.  

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Mobile Bridge Center  Club Results

1510 University Blvd, Mobile, AL 36609  Phone: (251) 666-2147
Club Manager:  Wanda Kirkpatrick

Mobile Bridge Center  May Special Games    **GRG = Grass Roots Game

Wednesday, May 1     GRG

Friday, May 3             GRG

Saturday, May 4        Pizza Saturday Pizza at Noon, Game at 12:30 GRG


Monday, May 6                 Club Championship

Friday, May 10           GRG

Sunday, May 12          Stratified Open Pairs (1:00 PM)  and  GRG

Wednesday May 15    GRG

Thursday, May 16                Club Championship

Friday, May 17           GRG

Sunday, May 19                   Non-Life Master Game (1:00 PM)

Wednesday, May 22           UNIT 215 AWARDS CEREMONY/GAME

                                             Nix Center - Fairhope  No Game at MBC

Thursday, May 23              MENTORING GAME

Friday, May 24           GRG

Sunday, May 26                   Stratified Open Pairs (1:00 PM) and GRG

Monday, May 27                 MEMORIAL DAY CELEBRATION  10:00 AM

                                              Signup at MBC  BBQ provided   Bring Snacks

                                             WEAR RED, WHITE AND BLUE

Friday, May 31            GRG


Regularly scheduled games will be held as per May schedule at Right

** The monies from these games are returned to the Districts to fund their NAP and GNT participants

 Special Games Registration Form

Fill in your partnership names and the Abbreviation for the Game you want to Register for.  Game Abbreviations are as follows:
1Sa=1st  Saturday   3Sa=3rd Saturday   Games start at  12:30 PM. 
SG1 = Special Game 1  SG2 = Special Game 2  These give their time & place
2Su = 2nd Sunday   3Su = 3rd Sunday NLM  4Su = 4th Sunday
Sunday games begin at 1 PM  
You have to fill in the two * fields.  Then click on Send Message.
An example registration:   Wanda K. and Fran K.  2Su
Thanks for registering for these games. See you at the Mobile Bridge Center.
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May Monthly Regular Game Schedule
2st and 4rd Sunday:  Open Pairs (1:00 PM)
3rd Sunday:  Non-Life Master Game (1:00 PM)
1st and 3rd Monday:  Open Pairs (10:00 AM)
Every Monday:  99ers/Newcomers Game (2:30 PM)
Every Wednesday:  Open Pairs (10:00 AM)
3rd Thursday:  Open Pairs (10:00 AM)
4th Thursday:  Mentoring Game (10:00 AM)
Every Friday: Open Pairs (10:00 AM)
1st and 3rd Saturday:  Open Pairs (12:30 PM)

Mobile Women's Duplicate Club

The Women's Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.  Game starts at 10:00 AM and is directed by Nancy Hill.     

     Woman's Club Results

        Bridge Club Officers

Game Schedules and Directors


Vice President



Members at Large

Past President

Nancy Hill

Nene Tisher

Amelia Powell

Fred Lloyd

Mickey Groggel

Marilyn Stewart

Paulette Clark

Wanda Kirkpatrick

Burke Brown

Wednesday        10:00 AM                 Nancy Hill         Thursday             10:00 AM                 Edith Sandifer 

Friday                   10:00 AM                 Ed Stephens

Saturday              12:30 PM                  Ed Stephens